Click HERE on icons for WX Underground data for Holly Ridge, NC

Elev 46 ft, 34.48 °N, 77.56 °W


Phone APP for IPhone available for the KNCHOLLY115 Weather is: "PWS Monitor".

Android APPS at:                                                        

 Click inside on the WeatherFlow Data below and on the top bar icons to expand the history Graphs and view more details.

Weather and Forecast click this link:     

Real Time Lightning Map Click HERE!    Raleigh, NC     Pinewood Campground Lot 108, Holly Ridge, NC     Pinewood Campground Lot 79, Holly Ridge, NC      Surf City Fire Station 25     West Onslow Beach / Holly Ridge        Seaview Fishing Pier, North Topsail

     SURFCHEX Web Cam Links for NC, SC, Va and NJ at bottom of page

 Click HERE for the Surf City Pier Web CAM.


  Click HERE for the Sea view Pier Web CAM.

 Click HERE for Surf City Bridge CAM.

  Click HERE for Tide Chart, Topsail Surf City, NC

  Click HERE for Battleship USS NC Web CAM.

 Click HERE for

 Click HERE for the WIND current WX in the USA and available phone APP 


This Weather Station is provided by the Southeastern Emergency Communications Network & Ronnie J. Casey, FCC Call Sign K4JDR, Raleigh, N.C.

It is located in the Pinewood Campground, Holly Ridge, NC providing registered weather data to Weather Underground and NOAA Weather sources.    Pinewood Campground, 803 East Ocean Hwy, Lot 108  Holly Ridge, NC 28445    Pinewood Campground, 803 East Ocean Hwy, Lot 79 Holly Ridge, NC 28445

©2001-2018 Carolina 440 UHF Link System, A Non-Profit Division of Southeastern Emergency Communications Network, Corp. All rights reserved.
Ronnie J. Casey • K4JDR at • 84 Angie Road Raleigh, NC 27603-7336
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