Operating Guidelines

Good Amateur operating practices are always encouraged. Whenever you access the Carolina 440 UHF Link System please remember to pause a moment between transmissions to allow others to join your conversation or to pass Emergency Traffic. This practice is particularly important when accessing other repeater systems via the IRLP since some additional "turnaround" time is frequently required.

Try not to use poor lingo when talking on the system and speak normally.

Some examples:
Don’t say, "The personal here is _ _ _" (use name).
Don’t say, "Thanks for the comeback" (use thanks for the call/answer).

Don’t repeatedly say, "I hear that", "roger that", "roger-roger" or "QSL" in response to every transmission/comment.

Don’t say your, or the other person’s, call sign every transmission (only your call is required once every 10 minutes).

Don’t just kerchunk the repeater without saying your call (at least on the second kerchunk). Multiple repeaters are on the system and if kerchunking is happening we wonder if interference may be present. Please just say your call sign and that you are testing.

Try not to shout into your microphone.

Key the microphone for at least two seconds before talking to give rise time for link relays and PL tones to function in addition to a VoIP link.

Don’t break in on an ongoing conversation unless you know who all is in it, and you have something meaningful to contribute. Be courteous.

When in a conversation with more than two people involved, turn it over to someone by name (go ahead Jim) This will prevent doubling.

When you sign clear, turn it over to someone by name or call (don’t just sign clear because no one knows who should pick up in a group).

Use a microphone hanger in your vehicle to avoid sitting on the microphone and inadvertently keying up the system with people all over listening to your conversation.

If you have an HF/VHF/UHF (such as the ICOM Mark II G) radio please assure that your microphone gain is adjusted to the proper level for FM deviation. Some models do not change when you are on side band HF and you change to FM. A deviation above 5 Khz will be distorted, loud and muffled.  Always assure you audio is good by knowing how your voice matches the microphone distance needed.

If your radio has a TOT (Time Out Timer) please get your manual out and learn how to set it on 3 minutes or less.

The above example material stolen from the Indepedent Repeater Association web page and NERA.

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