Reflector Channel

Raleigh Reflector Assigned Utilization


9210 - Channel 0

Primary NC, SC and Virginia Repeater Linking to the Carolina 440 UHF Link System

This Reflector Channel serves as the Voice Interoperability System for Amateur Radio, VISAR© It is the local, State and regional emergency response interoperability gateway.

Regional SKYWARN backup. Special Events and Emergency Response

Tactical Deployment upon request by:
N.C. State ARES® (Amateur Radio Emergency Services)
Wake, Durham and Johnston Counties

North Carolina, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

N.C. TASK FORCE USAR Teams (Urban Search and Rescue)
N.C. K9 ERT (N.C. Canine Emergency Response Team)

Called Net – Carolina 440 Rag Chew Net, contact Virginia NC4VA, Ron K4JDR
Monday's at 7:30 PM Eastern

Cary CERT Net, every 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM

TGIF AllStar 440 Bridge Talk Group 440

Cisco NERV (Network Emergency Response Vehicle) Amateur Radio using VoIP technology



9211 – Channel 1

Open access for NC, SC, and VA Repeaters
Called Nets, Regional Emergency Response and Severe Weather Reporting.

Called Net - Western Tidewater Radio Association, ARES Net 
Thursday nights at 7:30 PM EST
Contact: Chris, W4VX at




9212 Channel 2

General Purpose/Open Access, Special Event and Called Nets
*220 mhz Repeaters in NC and Virginia linking 


9213 Channel 3

General Purpose/Open Access, Special Event and Called Nets

IRLP Node 8311 KF4OVA Kernersville, NC
Wednesday night 19:30 hrs K Vegas trivia and rag chew net
Backup for REF 9221- Wednesday at 20:00 hrs for the 220 Rag chewer Net

Durham FM Association (DFMA) Morning Possum Trot Net
6:00 AM  to 7:30 AM 

9214 Channel 4

General Purpose/Open Access, Special Event and Called Nets

Twin County EARS/RACES
EmComm Training Net - Mondays at 20:00 hrs

Tuesday night FM net at 21:00 hrs
Virginia, NC, WV and TN area Repeaters
EchoLink Conference 257964

Search and Rescue exercises
Peter Devanney VA3YOW - Civil Air Search and Rescue Ontario 

Contact:   aecrane@gmail dot com

9215 Channel 5

South Carolina ARES and Skywarn on demand Terry Lambert KB4PQA


9216 Channel 6

Available for State and Local ARES during Drills or Emergencies for VoIP Linking with IRLP on demand.

No nets unless authorized.  

k4jdr at carolina 440 dot net

9217 Channel 7

Not Available

Special use

9218 Channel 8

Optional Tactical Deployment requiring lower bandwidth - GSM audio


9219 Channel 9

IRLP Reflector 9219 – EchoLink WX-Talk 7203
Severe Weather and Hurricane Net traffic to the National Hurricane Center

This reflector channel serves as the full-time interoperability
gateway connect to EchoLink WX-Talk conference #:7203

Weekly Net – 00:00 UTC Sundays
VoIP SKYWARN/Hurricane Net Support Site, combining both the Echolink and IRLP linked repeater networks, providing for more efficient utilization of available resources while handling critical wide area communications during major severe weather events. The Weekly VoIP SKYWARN/Hurricane Preparation Net meets every Saturday Evening Eastern Time which is 0000 UTC Sunday. EchoLink *WX-TALK* Conference server Node #:7203 which is integrated with IRLP Reflector 9219.

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Ronnie J. Casey • K4JDR at • 84 Angie Road Raleigh, NC 27603-7336
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